Mayweather vs Pacquiao live Online

Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2nd may 2015 live

The fighter people called him no mercy man Floyd Mayweather, Jr vs punching machine manny pacquiaco according to both player they fight till the end they never ever give up both have a supports of their fans.The fans are very extremely happy that boxing association give’s this such a well tremendous and glory match that they are wanted for many year.


Floyed played 47 matches win 47 losses 0 he won gold gloves in Olympics Mayweather, Jr landed punches were never counted said by his team manager Gerald Smith manny pacquiaco real name Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao he was long rated boxer as well as he is strongest player and dual sport athlete he fought 64 fights win 57, loss 5 however they both are the toughest boxers and fans are interested in this big match through the view of pacquiaco he comment that “he can easily defeat floyed” were pacquiaco’s trainer freddi roach said “pacquiaco face the hard challenged and floyed is the strong contestant” pacquiaco should work hard because floyed announce in retiredment and said that “after I beat the pacquiaco I announce my retirement” which will be on 2 may but they fight out of ring also they both abuses each others on social site were the fans of both are extremely excited for mega fight which would be held on 2 may this match make a most purchase count in the history if we watch both players personal life they face tough challenges Pacquiaco was the welder and he worked in TV channels and he is also represented a political party were Floyed may weather when he was young is father found guilty for drug trafficking and his aunt died through this illegal drugs May weather fired his father as trainer he victories and success always sturdy ego Pacquiaco and floyed chance to win not for the money they fight for their egos floyed said he is better than Muhammad ali floyed statement that “no one can brainwash me”were pacquiaco’s coach freddi advice him to practices his chances to defeat floyed
Peoples are not sure who will be the winner but they watch a great and cruel fight between these great fighters.

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