Shiming Zou vs Jozsef Ajtai Live Streaming

Shiming Zou vs Jozsef Ajtai Live Round 10

Venue: New York
Rounds: 10 rounds
Category: Flyweight division
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Status: Live Stream

Watch two big famous boxer Shiming Zou vs Jozsef Ajtai online boxing on your TV, PC, Laptop, Computer, iPOD, iPAD, Tablet or android phone. This 12 rounds – Flyweight division match will take place New York. at 00:00 PM Eastern Time / 00:00 PM PT. You can watch entertaining and sensational boxing matches through HD quality live stream here without any interruption. You will enjoy every single punch, defense and knockout of the boxing match and we will never let you get bored at any moment of the boxing fight.

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