Mayweather Jr Vs Manny Pacquiao online stream

may weather vs Manny Pacquiao online stream

Floyed may weather vs Manny Pacquiao the punches UN stoppable the battle began for title one side the people call un defeat able he never ever lose a single match the professional boxer Foyed May weather and five division champion ship on their side people call punching machine who never give up and fight till the end a professional boxer manny Pacquiao if we watch and observer their personal life they both super star survive very hard core of their life. manny pacquiao he is former welder and a part of Pilipino republic.maany pacquiao fight 64 won 57 loss 5 and win by (KO) 38 floyed invited specially amir khan for this big match pacquiao trainer Freddie roger said” pacquiao face a big change on 2 may” floyed behavior not seen good for last week he announce his retirement in internation boxing this last match of floyed he never be forgeted . he is legend in the ring and out of the ring

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