Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Manny Pacquiao Online

may weather vs pacquiao online



The fighter who never give up he fights for his passion he talk to himself as a third party he has been highest paid athlete in the world. The great and the powerful Floyd Mayweather, Jr height 5ft8in age 38 born in America February 24, 1977 in Grand rapids Michigan he played total 47 matches win 47 losses 0 draws 0 he was the former welterweight he won golden gloves in Olympics in 1993 Mayweather, Jr landed punches were never counted said by his team manager Gerald Smith Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is very confidence that he can beat anyone in the ring and the other side the most dangerous opponent his fans called him punching machine Manny Pacquiaco real name Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao he was long rated boxer as well as he is shortest player and dual sport athlete he fought 64 fights win 57, loss 5 and draw 2 and KO 38 however they both are the grate and toughest boxers the fans of both players are excited and impatient for this match also they scene the two great players they fight for their title for the views of legend “mike tayson warn Floyed May Weather to change their conversation style” where Pacquiaco coach freddi roach says “Floyed May weather is tough contestant for pacquiao” and this mega event is good vs evil said freddi. Pacquiao said in the social media that “he can easily defeat Floyed may weather” were the floyed replied he said after the beating manny pacquiaco he announce his retirement in international boxing Floyed and Pacquiaco is the most famous and great boxers the fire is burning inside these two players in the social media they both abuses and criticize each other’s fans are extremely waiting for this mega fight they purchases tickets in advance for watching this mega fight at las vegas. peolpe called Floyed as a winner because of he played in last match of his carrier the world will stopped in 2 may to watch is glory battle between two champions.

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